How to Get Free CSGO Skins in 2021


CSGO expands upon the team-based first-person shooter game that the original counterstrike initiated as it established in 1999.

Two teams compete at many rounds of objective-based game manners to win enough rounds to secure the game.

Players must purchase weapons, armour, defuse or rescue kits, and handle their own in-game market to maximize their potential for succeeding.

The first team to win 16 rounds in Bomb Defusal or even Hostage Rescue game manners wins the game.

It consists of different thrilling game modes such as Wingman, Competitive (Ranked), Arms Race, Demolition, and many more.

CS:GO Skins are the most sought after item in-game. The steam community market of CSGO skins has daily trading volume in hundred thousands of dollars. Some of the rare in-game skins even sell at over $10,000!

Ways to Get Free CSGO Skins in 2021

In-game drops

The easiest way to get hands on some cheap skins is by grinding CSGO in the official servers of Valve. After the end of every game, people get random skin drops.

Therefore, if you play 3 to 4 games of CSGO, you have a high chance of receiving a skin. But the problem with this drop is that 99% of the times, Valve gives out really cheap skins to the players but as it is free, no harm done I guess!

Battle Pass Rewards

Every year or two, a battle pass is released like the Broken Fang in 2021. If you buy this pass, there are exclusive missions that you need to complete in order to benefit from the pass.


But trust me, if you weekly complete the battle pass missions, you will easily get back at least double the value of battle pass.

Complete missions give you stars which can be used to unlock free CSGO skins by opening the new containers.

Completing Tasks

There are some sites which pay you in CSGO skins for completing some task on their website. Yes, you heard that right! Now you can even claim a free CSGO skin by finishing tasks like surveys, watching videos, and many more.

Websites like Idle-Empire and ‘csgopoints’ reward you with points for every task you complete on their website. Then you can easily exchange these points to get a CSGO skin without any deposit.